End Hype with Callye Keen

Why the Best Brands Use Collaborations to Achieve Massive Growth

November 08, 2021 Callye Keen Season 1 Episode 86
End Hype with Callye Keen
Why the Best Brands Use Collaborations to Achieve Massive Growth
Show Notes

All your ad hacks, complex funnels, email lists, and follower growth tactics are distractions holding you back from real growth

Most stores do not make significant revenue let alone significant profit

You work hard learning all the strategies and tactics, paying money for ads, posting everywhere to build a following. Putting in the work

Entrepreneurs are sold another secret and another hack only to stay on the treadmill.
Never really breaking free

E-com is an unbelievable opportunity but getting attention is difficult

Breaking through the noise instead of contributing to it requires a different approach

Today, I am presenting a blueprint that builds a foundation and provides a true multiplier

Here is a simple formula:

One customer TIMES one channel TIMES offer = powerful, scalable results for stagnate e-com brands

Make the formula of your business simple


If I offer a glass of water to a man dying of thirst in the desert, I am a hero

If I offer the same glass of water to a man drowning in a pool, I am less than helpful

The product is the same

I am the same

The context is different

Knowing your customer reveals the channel

We know who they value, who they listen to, who they consider a thought leader.

Why is this important?

People are channels

People buy from people they know, like, and trust is a lie

Word of mouth is free, viral, and an indication of customer satisfaction

Thought leaders provide authority and access

Over the next episodes, I will break each concept and step

For today, here is a simple blueprint


It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Stupid but partially true. 

If the right relationship guarantees success, why are we not working to make the right relationships inevitable?

Write a list of 20 of the right relationships.

You should select people

These people are important to your customer not random famous people.


Comment and share their posts

Promote their events. Support them.

If they write a book, buy, review, and promote. 

Use social media to invest in building these relationships everyday.

If you don’t want to support them, cross them off of the list. Simple.


Create a simple pitch with a clear ask

Make it easy to say yes.

You need to be worth collaborating with

When you have alignment and clear benefit, you will get yeses


Your collaboration needs to make sense relative to who you are and what resources you have available

Get them on your podcast.

Help them sell a program or promote their passion project

Create limited edition collaboration boxes featuring both of your products

Create special edition products with branded colors and packaging

Create a completely new product to co-market


This process is iterative

After getting a yes, other yeses become easier

Keep collaborating

Use simple email captures and Facebook groups to rapidly grow your audience from each launch

We have seen results

Six-figure sold out launches without a single dollar on ads

Creating a 10k email list in days. 

you will develop products without guessing if people will want them, how to get in front of them, or how much customer acquisition will cost. 

You are interested in action not in excuses.

You know this isn’t some get rich quick hack.

I have a start to finish program called the Collaborative Launch Blueprint. The blueprint outlines my signature strategy through clear steps, worksheets, and template. 

Check it out: