End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship For Impact

Alex Vonderhaar – The Science Of Marketing

March 29, 2021 Callye Keen Season 1 Episode 61
End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship For Impact
Alex Vonderhaar – The Science Of Marketing
Show Notes

If you don’t understand your consumer, you can’t fix your marketing. 

Alex Vonderhaar sold magic shows as a kid. Now he grows businesses with proven neuro-marketing tactics. He says with hard work and good copy no magic is necessary. 

Digital marketing gurus are everywhere – selling courses with false promises for instant success. This motivates Alex to produce sustainable marketing plans built on an understanding of human behavior. He explains how a good copy can differentiate a business and build a strong foundation. 

Episode Highlights 

12:10 – Balanced Business Development – Alex shares the hard lesson he learned early on in his career. You can kill a business if you give it too much or too little of what it needs. 

18:55 – The Value of Brand Promises – Differentiate the problem you promise to solve. Marketing efforts should address a specific aspect of the problem to beat competitors and increase brand awareness. 

25:51 – Soft Offers and Launches – Alex talks about a 6-figure soft offer he launched entirely on Google docs. Instead of recklessly spending, a simple soft launch will give you space to test an idea. 

28:54 – End Marketing Guru Hype – Throwing thousands of dollars at Facebook ads and online courses will not erase problems in a marketing strategy. A successful marketing plan will not happen overnight. 

31:39 – Good Copywriting – A good copywriter is a good researcher. Understand your consumer to craft stories that evoke an emotional response. This elevates the brand experience. 

“You just need a good offer with a good message to the right people” - Alex Vonderhaar 

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