End Hype with Callye Keen

How to Grow your Sales with our Community The End Hype Movement

July 05, 2022 Callye Keen Season 1 Episode 115
End Hype with Callye Keen
How to Grow your Sales with our Community The End Hype Movement
Show Notes

You want to launch and grow your product business.
You want to have a brand.
You want to turn that idea into something that impact your life and community.

Maybe you have massive goals, maybe you're just having an obstacle you want to tackle today. Focus and follow what I tell you...
In this episode, I have something very special to share. 

I know this sounds wild, but the technique I use to presale $700 fidget spinners is the same simple technique. I consistently use to sell eight figures of my products to the biggest companies on earth. If you listen to the show regularly, I share the lessons and strategies that I've learned. 

But the show is short. I try to make topics more entertaining. I bring on guests, we chop it up. But in the end to really teach you how I need to go in depth. We need to communicate. We need to collaborate. We need to ask each other difficult questions to get simple answers. 

Here's the deal.

I, my clients, my partners are taking advantage of new opportunities in sourcing and marketing to build new products and to grow product companies. Without years of engineering experience or millions of followers or some rich uncle showering you with cash. 

When you click on the link in the notes
You can watch the testimonials if you are that skeptical. 

But look. For any business or product or idea someone has already earned an audience who would want to buy. Why not let them sell. It for you. Instead of posting to social media every 10 minutes, instead of paying the skyrocketing costs of ads, instead of hoping some hot influencer goes viral. You create a legit brand, you sell premium products. 

And you sell using other people's businesses.

Sure. If you listen to the show and join the community, You'll improve your core direct to consumer business. If that's your thing. But I can help position you and your brand to have an army of salespeople, distributors offline, online retailers. This scales. This scales from working with small online brands to wholesale, to partnering with massive corporations companies. 

Putting you on a platform. For success. I want to protect you from the scammers and gurus selling drop shipping, Amazon automation and marketing gimmicks that we all know don't really get results. I want to share with you the secrets that I've learned in a special private community called The End Hype Movement. 

We are laser focused on results. Growing your revenue. 

Membership to the end height movement includes weekly training driven by a roadmap of topics from you. Access to a vetted network of partners. We have product developers, manufacturers, access to capital consultants. And more partners coming. They're all just designed to solve your problems and speed your growth. 

I've got incredible guest experts, friends coming in sharing disruptive insights. We have a growing vault of training, videos and resources detailing exactly how to execute the specific strategies to grow your business. And yeah, a community of product owners to network and collaborate with on your business. 

It's pretty simple. I want to share with you what I've learned. I want you to be able to replicate that success. 

I want to share with you what I've learned over developing and manufacturing, hundreds of products for businesses of all sizes. gave me the opportunity to see how eight and nine figure businesses go from idea to growth, to acquisition. 

If you want support and advice from somebody with actual experience, this community is where I'm pouring my energy and attention focus is leverage. 

If I put more of what I do into one place, I can have greater impact. 

I'll see you on the inside.