End Hype with Callye Keen

Product Launch and Brand Breakdown Live

May 30, 2022 Callye Keen Season 1 Episode 110
End Hype with Callye Keen
Product Launch and Brand Breakdown Live
Show Notes

Welcome to End Hype podcast.  Episode 110 is Part 1 of a two part podcast where Callye Keen welcomes back business coach and operations expert, Julie Traxler of SB PACE. Together, Callye and Julie introduce the upcoming product launch that Tim Kincer and Logan Sanburn have been working on since the fall of 2020.

Tim and Logan love the outdoors, and during a hunting trip to Colorado found an opportunity in the market with pre-packaged foods marketed towards outdoorsmen. Current products are not optimal for fueling our bodies, and Tim and Logan have a plan to solve that gap. 

Solving that problem during a worldwide pandemic proved difficult. Supply chain issues were the tip of the iceberg. With so many people going into “prepper” status and building up their “end of the world supplies”, it made it impossible for a new small business to gain traction with production companies. The demand for pre-packaged food production caused Tim and Logan to get creative, and resulted in the creation of a second product development opportunity, a nootropics drink stick.

[11:00] Your business name

Your brand is what someone else tells someone else it is. It's the story about you when you're not in the room. Your company name can be totally made up. It could be nonsense. As long as somebody can remember what it is, they can write it down and they can spell it when you tell them over the phone. 

[15:25] The power of story

Our brains are hardwired from primitive times to remember things in terms of stories. And we are incredibly selfish beings. We only remember things relative to ourselves. So stories allow us to be Harry Potter, right? 

 [18:39] Audience over everything

So most people that start a business spend money, but then they don't have an audience. And they think that if they have a product, then they will be able to get an audience, which is exactly wrong. It's precisely the opposite. 

[21:52] Money doesn’t solve problems

Money doesn't solve problems, it buys you speed. This is the biggest mental problem that people have. 

I make all kinds of wild things. And in every one of those cases where the business is successful, we incrementally grow that brand and audience with a solid launch strategy and brand development.

[25:01] Start small

How do I monetize my audience? Get a bigger audience, first of all. Second, you have to know what they want. It starts with building a very small group and talking to 10 people that are my target group. Have a strategic marketing plan, an email marketing strategy, build your email list, and talk to other entrepreneurs.

[31:01] Build an audience

Somebody already has enough of your audience where you can make a million dollars in a month.

Being able to describe your brand, describe who you are, telling your story well enough to get that one deal because that one deal will change your life and change your business.

“You're $1400 bucks in. You're a 301 redirect away from a more memorable brand. All of the advice I have is because I've already made this mistake or I've already worked with somebody where we have encountered this mistake over and over again.”