End Hype with Callye Keen

Business Secrets from Two Years of Podcasting

March 21, 2022 Callye Keen Season 1 Episode 102
End Hype with Callye Keen
Business Secrets from Two Years of Podcasting
Show Notes

Welcome to the 2 year anniversary of End Hype Podcast.  Callye Keen has led us through over one hundred episodes on product businesses. He's interviewed successful entrepreneurs, breaking down obstacles and big challenges early stage and existing product businesses face. Providing tips, tactics, and strategies. Everything you need to help you grow your business from product concept to product design to products to market.

Two years goes by quickly. At End Hype we thought the podcast would be successful very early. We put in significant effort. We talked to people that host successful podcasts. We jumped into a mentorship group. We hired a top-tier coach. 

We put the pieces in place and it still took two years to make significant progress. It took a year and a half before we had a 10,000 download month in podcasts. That's a hallmark milestone in podcasting. Not a lot of podcasts have even a hundred downloads a month. We achieved 10,000 downloads in a month.

We appreciate our subscribers and listeners. End Hype is a labor of love. End Hype provides us a way to communicate effectively on a large scale.

[05:40]  Continue the conversation

You need to find a way to constantly communicate with your customer. That means you've got to figure out who your customer is and how they want to be communicated with. You need to continue the conversation, whether it's a one-sided conversation like we're having right now, or it's a proxy conversation where you come on this show. Communication promotes idea generation and product ideas.

[05:52] No excuses allowed

How are you communicating with customers? How are you bringing them into your world? How are you having a conversation and figuring out what the real problems are? The other takeaway from here is adaptation.  What forms of communication are you leveraging?

[06:50] Superior Product and Service

Real entrepreneurs take excuses and use them as input data to adapt, to come out with a new strategy. If I can't go around the country and speak anymore. I'm going to go around the world and speak through this podcast. You can't excuse your way to success. Whether it's product management, advanced manufacturing or dropping an episode of your podcast on apple podcasts, you have to develop a strategy.

[08:55] Failure is normal

If you were to try a new strategy that you've never done before and you receive no guidance, no coaching, no mentorship and it just magically worked, that would be an extreme outlier. I'd love to hear that story. That's not the story of my life. I test things, they're a little broken, but I can see them starting to work.I learn and then pass that information on to clients. I pass that information onto you. Not everything that I do works. Even with advanced technical skills, I still fail.

[10:25] Dig deeper

When you find something that works, dig deeper into the knowledge. Find something that works and just double down. This will help you defeat that shiny object syndrome, because you want to keep contributing towards your business. Dig deeper. All the value in life is in depth and not breadth. 

[13:15] Seven figure business

My goal is to provide the information that allows you to create a seven figure business. That's not an easy thing. That is a massive challenge, but that's the challenge that I hold in my head. That's my north star.

“My mission is to put out the content that will help you take your idea and not just turn it into a product, but turn it into a product business.”