End Hype with Callye Keen

A Simple Product Marketing System for Real Businesses

March 09, 2022 Callye Keen Season 1 Episode 101
End Hype with Callye Keen
A Simple Product Marketing System for Real Businesses
Show Notes

Silver bullets are for werewolves, not for businesses.

Callye Keen digs into the myths around product marketing that set false expectations for entrepreneurs. 

While Callye is quick to point out that he's not a marketer trying to create the perfect offer, he's a product person who knows that in order to be successful he has to market and sell his products. He believes in and promotes collaborative growth, and has built a business development system around that philosophy.   

There are too many marketers who push fantasy when it comes to marketing strategy. Callye believes reality is paramount to successful marketing systems and an organization's growth. He recommends starting with an understanding of why you’re on a given social media channel. Then consider, once you become successful on a specific social media channel do you need to be on more channels? Understand the value before adding more social media platforms or changing strategy. 

Successful product development businesses need to create quality products, invest in partnerships and build systems around those things. If you’re a marketing expert, Callye recommends that you create something simple that can help people. Complex systems take a long time to plan and put in place. Ultra simple processes are scalable.  Share information with small businesses to build credibility and add value.

Marketing is all about attention. And most entrepreneurs need an easy way to get attention from the right people. They need qualified traffic from potential customers who trust your brand. 

[02:55]  Myth #1: Working hard equates to more money

More effort, hours and grind equates to results. There are people who work extremely hard, but that effort doesn’t necessarily match with revenue.  

[03:46] Myth #2: Everyone runs ads on social media

Most “social media experts” aren’t experts at all. They run paid ads and claim huge results and then recommend paid ads as the solution to your growth problems.   

[04:49] Myth #3: Complexity and magic

You’re just one ad hack away from success. Every failure brings you one step closer to success. Yes, there is learning in failure, but there isn’t one single silver bullet to fix your business problems.  

[06:50] Marketers aren’t good at marketing

Crazy customer journey maps, bad market research and funnel shapes, conversions and other crazy data are easy to find. There’s an army of college educated marketers creating infographics designed to confuse people. Most marketers that I’ve met aren’t good at marketing, they are good at confusing people. 

[10:00] Attract and nurture 

Your product launch only needs two marketing activities. Attract and nurture. People in general take a long time to make a decision on high ticket items. Because you’re working on minimum 6-figure orders, you need to attract them and nurture them until they are ready to transform their business. Consistency in engagement helps to nurture.

[14:15] Digital marketers are 5 years behind 

Social networking sites continue to grow in popularity. A Facebook group is risky because the ad costs are shooting through the roof and the organic traction is difficult. It’s a challenge to get people to engage in groups. The Facebook ads strategy was a great strategy 3 or 4 years ago, but not today.  

[16:00]  Channel strategy

You need three channels, and that’s it. You need a community channel, an authority channel and a partnership channel.  

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