End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship For Impact

What Makes a Product Launch Fail or Win?

April 28, 2021 Callye Keen Season 1 Episode 65
End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship For Impact
What Makes a Product Launch Fail or Win?
Show Notes

Great Products Lose to Well Marketed Products Everyday

As entrepreneurs, we love our ideas. Launching to silence is heartbreaking to watch. The basic product idea is good but the value remains unknown. If people do not know you, how will they buy your product?

In this episode of End Hype, Callye Keen breaks down the three common problems with making a product successful. The secret is not complex product roadmaps or expert product management. We talk simple human to human selling using timeless strategies.

So, what makes a successful product launch plan?

Base Your Marketing Strategy on Customer Pain Points
Every post, interview, email, and landing page should explain how your product allows the target audience to achieve something and overcome real problems. A great content marketer knows the power of story.

  • Selling features and benefits is a comparison game.
  • Comparison creates unnecessary competition. 
  • The three stages of product offering

Treating a Launch like Pressing a Button

Have a Launch Event. Treat the start of the campaign like a party. Set a launch date. Build hype.

Create media to drive attention to a lead magnet. Capture email addresses on a landing page.

Get your customer base involved in launch day. Use live stream video and social media shares to build community and reach new customers.

The Obsession with Cold Traffic Advertising

Running ads is not an easy button. Facebook and social ads are not a cure-all.

Engage customers. Refine your message. Without know what to write, your copy will be mediocre. Ads will scale mediocrity.

Dial in the offer with content and engagement. Your ads will run far better.

We have run 6 figure launches with no ads.

I sell product every year with zero ad spend.

Every coach thinks they should drive cold traffic to a lead magnet to a offer.

Every ecommerce entrepreneur thinks they should drive cold traffic to trending product.

Who has your audience?

Who already has the trust?

Can you sell to a warm audience?