End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship For Impact

Gary Roberts - Growing a CBD Brand and Challenging Myths

March 10, 2021 Callye Keen Season 1 Episode 58
End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship For Impact
Gary Roberts - Growing a CBD Brand and Challenging Myths
Show Notes

What sets a CBD brand apart in a saturated market? 

You’ll need superior strategy, strong ethics and educational content marketing to build your brand as a trusted authority.

Gary Roberts' introduction to selling CBD products came from a desire to help athletes recover and an interest in the science. A shift for Gary was the realization that CBD could be used as a treatment for addiction. He learned this just before the loss of his daughter.

That loss inspired Gary to found Pure Body Zen, a company founded on the commitment to producing a quality product. Gary hosts the Good Dudes Grow podcast. He shares accurate information and the best in thought leadership from the CBD industry.

Episode Highlights

09:03 - The CBD Brand Recipe - Gary shares his insight on how to create a reputable, trustworthy CBD business. Put legal, transparent testing processes in place to check your CBD oil and other products for potency.

15:25 - CBD Marketing with Purpose - Having a foundational purpose increases the chance of your brand's success.

17:41 - Busting CBD Myths for Your People - Educating your audience positions you as an authority. The CBD industry lacks solid, available information, leaving a gap in thought leadership. Gary also gives his tips on networking within your circle to raise brand awareness.

25:51 - The CBD Industry’s Relationship with the FDA - Selling CBD products in 2021 will look very different. Knowing how the FDA regulates cannabinoid products is essential. Meeting regulations separates the experts from the fakes.

36:46 - Fitness and Business - Pushing yourself in the gym can make you a better entrepreneur.

40:34 - Setting Goals - Set realistic goals adding up to major impact. Reverse engineer the success you ultimately want to achieve.

“When you educate people on your products, it's so much easier to sell.”
Gary Roberts

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