End Hype with Callye Keen

Email Marketing for Winning Versus Annoying

May 01, 2022 Callye Keen Season 1 Episode 106
End Hype with Callye Keen
Email Marketing for Winning Versus Annoying
Show Notes

Welcome to End Hype podcast, in episode 106 Callye Keen is sharing some hard truths for entrepreneurs to hear, and they all center around email marketing. If you’re a coach or a knowledge worker it’s easy to understand the strategy behind growing a list and sending out lead magnet offers. But for product based businesses, an email list strategy can be confusing. It takes more than sending out regular newsletters to your list, and then hitting them with an offer when you have a new product launch. 

“Email marketing is both a powerful tool and it's an archaic annoyance.”

[03:26] Email enhancement
Email is still very powerful, but how, and when can you deploy email to enhance the customer experience and enhance revenue? Let's put this in simple terms. How can we make money with email, make happy customers instead of annoying people? 

[05:43] The customer journey
Here's the big challenge: create an email that's worth reading, great headline, great hook, great content. It requires effort. It requires creating a customer journey. Most people don't want effort. They want magical thinking. They want silver bullets. They want to be able to slap and smash their product in somebody's face over and over again until they purchase it.

[09:54] Lead magnets
If you can figure out what your customer is trying to do, what their goal is, you can make a cheat sheet, an ebook, a guide that helps them mentally process what they're trying to do. Maybe it's a review. Maybe it's all the different products that they need for their camping trip. Maybe it's everything that they need to cook that perfect first date meal. I don't know what you sell, but you can definitely produce a lead magnet. 

 [12:18] Strong relationships
I really like the idea of starting relationships off in a strong way. If I can help somebody achieve what they want to achieve, I can send emails that contain a lead magnet that puts me in the best situation. It also puts me in a really great situation to explain the context and value of that specific product or our product line, and then give them a call to action to purchase it. This improves conversion rates and helps build a successful brand.

[14:21] Newsletters are trash
Do I enjoy getting newsletters in general? The answer is no. Why do people do it? In theory they are still more effective than nothing. In practice it's because email marketers don't care about your customer. If you're using an email marketing agency, they don't care about your customers. If you use this tactic, you don't care about your customers. Customer feedback and open rates will confirm this.

[20:30] Meaningful emails
If it's supporting something that's important to those people, to your customers, you can fill them with positive energy, with happiness. Something that will motivate them to share it out, to spread your message. It's not going to be a discount. It's not going to be because you hammered them with a newsletter every week. It has to be something that goes to their core values.  Those emails result in customer interaction with your brand. Consumers will share that on Facebook.

“​​Your emails. They annoy everyone. They prevent people from purchasing.”

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